3 Popular Summer Plants To Bring Home And How To Care For Them


People staying in urban cities are getting tired of all the hustle and bustle. This is why many homeowners are trying to feel closer to nature by bringing summer plants indoors. In the last few years, this trend witnessed a huge surge in demand as people were stuck in their homes during the pandemic. By placing a few plants, you can purify the air indoors and increase the aesthetic beauty of the space. Start with getting a few for the empty corners and before you know it, there will be summer plants everywhere in your house.

There are various types of summer plants in the market. Most of the popular options can grow really fast and give you quick results. If you are planning to start a small garden in your home, maybe you should start it this summer. Also, most of the summer plants require very little maintenance and are perfect for newbies. If you are a newbie and not sure about which plants you should choose for your indoor plant decor, here are a few plants you can consider:

01 of 03 Consider growing hibiscus this summer

You will notice this exotic plant commonly on Hawaiian shirts. According to many experts, it is certainly one of the best home plants you can choose for creating great indoor plant decor. Also, this plant is one of the best options to get started with when you do not have any prior gardening knowledge. This is because this plant requires very little maintenance. You just have to care about these plants a little bit and they will continue to bloom during the summer seasons for many many years. The main attraction of these plants is the flowers. Their beautiful bright coloured flowers with large petals will add more visual interest to your home decor. You will love watching it grow in your home.

It is important that you place this air purifying indoor plant in the right position. Always ensure that the area receives sufficient direct sunlight. Also, you do not have to water the plants a lot, especially during the colder months. You can place it on the window sill or the balcony to create an appealing home decor design. These areas are also preferable because they receive sufficient direct sunlight during winters as well.

02 of 03 You can opt for Bougainvillaea for the summers

This is a very bright plant that will easily catch your glimpse even if it is growing on the roadside. They are often considered the perfect summer plant to accentuate your home because people really admire their looks. A Bougainvillaea adds a lot of colours to the surroundings. While its flowers are small and white, they are surrounded by bright paper-like petals that attract all the attention. When blooming, the plant will carpet the area with colour.

You can often find Bougainvillaea on the Indian streets. You can easily recognise this air purifying indoor plant from the dried leaves strewn below. Although they are quite large, you can easily get other variants that do not grow so much. Growing them during the summers is easier because they require a lot of sunlight. You do not have to wait for very long before they start blooming. To ensure that the roots can spread properly, always plant them in spacious large planters.

03 of 03 You can never go wrong with a sunflower during summers

If you are not sure about which plant to choose for your home during the summers, consider opting for the sunflower plant. This is one of the most popular plants across the globe and makes a great summer plant. It has a large bright coloured flower with long petals that keeps the plant highlighted in your home decor and helps to add more visual interest to the space. Moreover, the face of the flower keeps following the sun’s path, making it one of the favourite options for homeowners during summers. You can find many seeds in the flower as well. These are very easy to harvest and have various health benefits. All these reasons make it one of the most popular options for indoor plant decor in Indian homes.

If you want a sunflower plant, always grow it from the seed instead of moving it from a nursery. This is because you should never disturb the roots of the plants. Always remember before choosing a sunflower plant that growing one requires a lot of research, planning, and effort. Otherwise, you will not be able to see the large bright flower of the plant. Hence, only choose a sunflower plant for your home if you have sufficient free time for maintenance. However, these plants grow really fast and you do not have to worry about getting quick results.

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