Can I File A Claim From Car Insurance For Car Scratches In India?


Congestion is a common problem everywhere in the country. Irrespective of how carefully you drive, your vehicle may sustain scratches or dents. But, insurance firms offer financial coverage that can help safeguard against these scratches. Thus, it is possible to file a claim with your car insurance company for scratches.

Before making a claim in India for minor car scratches, there are a few things you should take into account. Let’s find out more about filing an insurance claim for dents in India.

Is it covered in a car insurance policy?

Check to see if your insurance carrier covers automobile scratches before submitting claims. Check your type of auto insurance policy first. After that, carefully read your policy agreement’s list of inclusions and exclusions.

If you have third-party coverage, the insurance provider covers only the relatively modest damages to the other person’s car. However, you can claim car insurance for your vehicle’s damages if you have comprehensive insurance.

How to make a car insurance claim?

Both reimbursement and cashless claims are possible. The policyholder can drive their vehicle to any network garage, and have it fixed under the cashless option because the insurance company would pay the garage the claim amount.

In the event of reimbursement, the policyholder must first pay the claim amount and provide the insurance provider with the original receipts to facilitate the refund.

How to file an insurance claim in India after a car accident?

File an FIR at the local police station. Copies of the vehicle registration certificate and the driver’s licence is also required. Ask the car insurance company to send a valuer. If it determines that your claim is valid, it will compensate you for the amount according to the terms and circumstances outlined in your insurance policy.

How will it affect your premium?

When a car insurance policy is renewed, customers are given a no-claims bonus* (NCB) if no claims were made during the previous policy period. The no-claim bonus is an concession provided to customers in their premium who did not file a claim during the prior policy period. *Standard T&C Apply.

When you file a claim, your premium increases as the no-claim bonus is reset. Simply put, the amount of your future premiums will depend on the claims history of your insurance coverage. You might have to pay a higher premium if you have made repeated claims on your policy, including those for little repairs, as the insurance provider might view you as a risk.

How to check car insurance online

Check the status of your policy by visiting the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) of India’s website. You can also check the status of the policy on the ParivahanSewa website. On the Vahan App also, you can check the status of your auto insurance.


Although it is possible to file an insurance claim for car scratches in India, it is best to avoid doing so. Your no-claim bonus, deductibles, and premium cost would all be greatly impacted. As a result, even though you may have saved a little money, you might eventually pay more.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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