How to Stay Organised During NEET Preparation?


Just a few months remain for NEET. Medical aspirants must be well into their preparation to secure a seat in any of the coveted medical institutes across the country. Arguably, NEET is amongst the gruelling entrance tests conducted wherein the selection criteria is strict, and only the qualifying aspirants get shortlisted for admissions to prestigious institutes.

It is no small ordeal to prepare for NEET. It demands dedication, focus, patience, hard work and organisation. Planning and organising for NEET preparation are vital, as it appears to be a preparatory aspect often neglected by students.

Staying Organised During NEET Preparation

Discussed below are a few tips to stay organised during NEET preparation.


There is no substitute for framing a good study schedule. It takes time to set up, but it will be worth it as it indicates that each time you sit down to study, you are spending time efficiently.

Setting short-term and long-term goals

Apart from setting an aim of clearing NEET and getting into the best medical college, you also need to set short-term goals on the basis of everyday tasks. Layout a plan for tasks, to be performed on a daily basis to ensure the NEET syllabus is covered. This boosts confidence when small tasks are accomplished.

Work with the calendar

Start working backwards by first finding the date of NEET. Take a look at all the days, weeks and months before the date of NEET and chalk out a plan accordingly. Mark each hour of the day you wish to study, the days you will be too busy and the flex days to study extra in the event of something unexpected coming your way.

Staying consistent

Haphazard studying is as good as not studying at all. Give it your all to put up with your study plans regularly throughout the day. The more you inculcate studying and preparation in your routine, the more it becomes a habit and hence the effectiveness increases. This way, you are training your mind to be ready to learn for each day.

Strike a balance

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – goes perfectly in this context. Ensure to indulge in enough, stipulated breaks too. 5-10 minutes for every hour is not a bad idea. Further, refrain from dedicating the entire day to one single activity, for instance studying Biology the whole day. It can bore you sooner than you thought. Add a range of activities revolving around the same activity smartly. This way, you are learning interestingly minus the possible distractions.

Make a quick reference guide

This guide should be framed in a way that accommodates different types of questions, incorrect answer traps, formulae, reactions, commonly assessed concepts, recurring questions from important topics and everything else that you might need to reference at a glance. Add the most critical information to this guide when reviewing your handmade notes. Regularly reading from this guide will cause you to dominate these most important aspects of NEET.

This was a brief on staying organised for NEET preparation. You may consider NEET coaching to get mentored with expert guidance. Visit and subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel for relevant content.

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