Managed WordPress Hosting – Top 10 List of Hosting Providers


Managed WordPress Hosting is the latest name that we keep listening to these days. To people who are unaware of what this service is, let us explain to you. It is a great option that helps the non-tech people by offering all the technical services that are needed to run a website. If you are in a business that runs online or you are busy that you cannot manage your services online, then this is the best option for you. All you need to do is to manage the content of your website and leave the rest to the Managed WordPress hosting providers who manage everything technical.

10 Best Providers of Managed WordPress Hosting Services:

So, we are ready to help you out by giving you the information regarding the top 10 Managed WordPress Hosting Services so that you can easily differentiate among all of them and analyze which one suits best for your website management.

WP Engine

WP Engine occupies the first place in the list for all the advantages that it offers to the customers. Irrespective of which managed hosting service you use for your company website out of dedicated, managed, or cloud, WP Engine will not fail to impress you with its advanced level Managed WordPress Hosting.


Occupying the second place in our list, Kinsta also offers the advanced level Managed WordPress Hosting by providing the perfect services from software updates to daily backups to free migration to the anti-hack system to super-fast website loading time. Though managed hosting is quite expensive, Kinsta offers the best hosting for the price you bear.


SiteGround is a popular name known in the field of Managed WordPress Hosting service. With the option of providing a list of different services in managed hosting, the buyers can get the best services by choosing the one that suits their operations. The array of plans that they provide starts from starter to superpower that can be used according to your requirements.


We are offering the fourth place in Managed WordPress Hosting to Hostinger. It is one of the most sophisticated platforms used especially for WordPress with features including GIT, WP-CLI, SSH. As compared to any other hosting service providers, it is available at a much reasonable price for the amazing hosting it offers. When it comes to security, it comes with a free SSL certificate that ensures that your website is in safer hands.

Dream Host

Featuring unlimited bandwidth, Dream Host is again a great Managed WordPress Hosting provider that works brilliantly with any of the dedicated, shared and managed platforms. Similar to Hostinger, it comes with an SSL Certificate. Its quick and easy installation process is the best to be discussed along with the array of options that it provides from Basic to Advanced.


If you are an entrepreneur and are looking for a great Managed WordPress Hosting, then Pagely is the best option that you can choose. It is because it provides all the premium range services and features. All the services that it provides range from entry-level to enterprise depending upon the price ranges you choose.


This is the provider that everyone must have heard of. It is the name that beginners to experienced website users are familiar with. GoDaddy, depending on the service options and functionalities, is a Managed WordPress Hosting that ranges from basic to advanced level services. This service provides annual plans by choosing which you can get a free domain.


Our next choice of service in Managed WordPress Hosting will be BlueHost. For all the types of hosting services that are available in the market, BlueHost has come up with its range of services with which, it is easy for a business to choose which service works well for its operations. The best option about this is its money-back guarantee offer with which a user can get their money refunded within a month if they want to switch the service.


This is another option of Managed WordPress Hosting that you have if you want to adapt managed hosting for your business operations. It is one of the easiest services to handle its one-step installation process. It is SSL approved and is the best in providing super-fast hosting. Though the service comes in the ninth position, it cannot be underestimated when it comes to the services it provides.


It is the last, but not the least when it comes to its Managed WordPress Hosting Services. Unlike the rank that we gave this service, it is the fastest web hosting India provider that you come across when you are in search of one for your operations. You can easily leave the responsibilities to it and concentrate only on creating content for your website, as everything other than that can be managed well by it.

Out of all the ten managed service providers that we mentioned, choose the best one that suits your business operations and make the most out of it.

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