Add an Antique Look to you Home with these Paintings


India is a country that impresses all within and beyond its boundaries. It is a diverse nation & so is its art tradition. The Indian art and styles have been passed to generations for ages. These paintings make one of the best home décor products for an antique look. No matter what you choose- a spiritual Buddha painting or conventional Pattachitra painting, your home is sure to make a statement. You can buy paintings online listed here to have a timeless impression on whosoever lives in or comes to your home.

These antique-looking paintings can be confusing for some of you to match with your interior. Therefore, we are here for you to help you choose the best painting for an antique interior décor. Hence, do read it till the end.

Pichwai Paintings

As an Indian, you need no introduction and details about Lord Krishna and his childhood & adulthood incidences. These tales are a significant part of our culture. If you are one of the devotees of Lord Krishna, you should buy Pichwai paintings for your residence. These paintings highlight the life of beloved Kanha Ji in a classic way. Most of the time, it is designed on the cloth base to attain a rich and stunning look. Over past a few years, it has been recognized and loved by young generation too. And, it has got a new touch to blend in today’s modern era; this art style is now printed on apparels like sarees, kurtas, shawls, and bed sheets.

In the ancient times, Pichwai paintings were only the part of spiritual areas such as temples. However, these beautiful paintings can now be witnessed in homes as antique wall décor pieces. Buying Pichwai painting for an antique home design can save your energy by making an instant impact!

Pattachitra Paintings

Do you love art and paintings? If yes, the Pattachitra paintings will leave you stunned. It is a one of the most conventional style of art which is now open-heartedly chosen by people for home décor purposes. People of today love to buy Pattachitra paintings to provide their home with an antique appeal & feel. It is popular painting style in Odisha and West Bengal, and generally highlights the incidences from the life of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra. Some pieces of pattachitra artwork also showcase Lord Ganesha.

The mixture of chalk powder and gum is applied on a cloth base to form a beautiful pattachitra piece. You can bring an Indian sense to your residence with ease by decorating the walls with this antique painting.

Buddha Paintings

Have you ever been to foreign countries like Japan or Thailand? These countries are big fan of Lord Buddha paintings. Almost every home can be seen having one Buddha painting. And, the reason is its sense of peace & purity. You can buy Buddha paintings to give an antique style to any area. You cannot deny its importance and appropriateness because it is a great devotional as well as decorative item.

With Buddha paintings, you can make your home look vintage as well as feel serene at the same time. Usually, people prefer to hang these paintings at the entrance to invite positivity and good vibes!

Classical Indian Art

Lastly, we have Classical Indian Art on the list for antique interior look. These art pieces have a magical touch. Each piece is more than just a painting with rich & bold brushstrokes. It is a traditional lesson that tells you a lot about lifestyle and rituals of people from different eras, including Rajasthani, Pahari, Mughals, and Decanni Indians. These four types of cultures also make for the four types of classical Indian art forms. So, you can buy classical Indian art from any of these styles and get an impressive antique appeal.

Final Words

These are some stunning painting ideas that will instantly offer an antique look to your space. You need not spend too much on multiple antique home décor items but simply buy these paintings online. They are simply decorative and devotional pieces so you can put them in your living room or pooja room for the best effect!

We would be glad to know whether or not you liked these antique painting ideas.

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