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Why choose Plywood?

Plywood is undoubtedly one of the most preferred materials for carpentry and construction, and it is not without reason. Plywood is a man made material manufactured from wood. Thin layers of veneers (core and panel) are joined together to form a cross bonded structure to create perfectly flat Plywood boards. Plywood has high strength. Due to its unique construction, Plywood has a smooth texture. Moreover, Plywood is easy to shape.

What kinds of Plywood are available?

There is a wide range of Plywood available both online and offline. Plywood can be categorised according to its thickness. There is plywood with thicknesses ranging from 6mm to 19mm. Depending on their thickness, plywoods can be used for different applications like furniture making and creating wall partitions.

Applications of Plywood according to its thickness

Plywood of thickness 6 to 19 mm are the most used variety for most common works or projects. However, other thicknesses of Plywood can be used for other work light and extra heavy-duty works.

Light Weight Applications – Cabinet and drawer making

For cabinet and drawer making, the most used thicknesses are 6 to 12 mm. The exact thickness of Plywood is chosen depending on the size and the expected load-bearing capacity of the Cabinet. For smaller-sized, low weight-bearing cabinets, 6 mm thickness is adequate. On the other hand, 12 mm thickness is the most appropriate for bigger, heavy load-bearing cabinets. For drawers, 6 mm and 12mm are the most used thickness.

Moderate Applications – Furniture making

For heavy pieces of furniture like beds, tables, chairs, and sofas, Plywood with a thickness of 19 mm and more is most apt. 19 mm thick Plywood can support heavy weights for longer times. Despite their higher density, 19 mm Plywood are still light in weight. In addition, choosing hardwood, Plywood is the most suitable choice for such types of furniture.

Heavy Applications – Flooring, Walls, and Other Constructions

Apart from general furniture making, Plywood can be used for flooring and to make partition walls. Plywood with a thickness of 12 mm are the minimum requirement for partition walls. The minimum thickness required for flooring is 15 mm. Furthermore, other constructions like staircases can be made from higher density 25 mm Plywood. Chemically treated Plywood are borer and termite proof and other potentially harmful factors. In addition, these Plywood are weather resistant.

Why buy Plywood online?

Traditionally, in carpentry and construction, professionals were given the responsibility of choosing the materials as most homeowners may lack the knowledge of material quality and standards. However, with the onset of the digital age, information on various materials is easily available to all. Homeowners can choose the materials they want without any hassle. Some of the major benefits of purchasing Plywood online are,

  • Catalogues: Most Plywood manufactures provide their catalogues on their website. Therefore, anyone can easily refer to them to check the availability and price range of Plywood. This comes in handy when planning any home improvement project.
  • Hassle-free: Online shopping offers a hassle-free experience. Anyone can easily refer to multiple websites within a few hours compared to those long tiring days visiting each shop to check the qualities of Plywood.

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