Dawood Foundation Supporting Ways to Provide Education in Pakistan


The presence of education quality is important in most of the countries in the present days. As the data and knowledge are accessible in the current digital world due to the advent of internet. For every youngster having the knowledge about all the things happening around the world is important. The prominence of advancement in education is rising in the nation of Pakistan. To provide the best education bashir dawood and his wife are helping in offering amenities by building best educational universities. He is offering the dawood foundation to offer amazing support so that the youngsters can learn modern ways of education. Many funds are provided to them from this foundation with the aim of enhancing the education quality in all the places of Pakistan.

Education Initiatives offered by dawood foundation

Let’s discuss about the educational initiatives which are provided by the foundation of dawood along with his wife. In the year of 1986, they have founded a business which is called as Suleman dawood business school for providing the great educational quality. This is the first school which is under the Lahore management sciences university. Under the name of the Dawood’s father, the foundation of dawood were offered funds which will be more helpful to the youngsters.

This school of business was beginning to provide the best and extraordinary knowledge of world and other things related to innovation offering great challenges. They are also trying to provide activities over the custom education approaches. These approaches are technical that it might meet the standards and support of other foreign individuals. The education institutes like Harvard university and western Ontario offered their entire support to offering of early education. From that point of time to till now, many visiting committee administrators are backing up this business school. The representatives belonging to this world universities helped his foundation to provide good education.

They are also trying to perform the programs and events that are relevant to access the best education. This business school is dedicated to provide the ideal education for the sake of accessing the world of business. In this business school, the students of this educational institution can obtain –

  • Offering of full-time business services of weekend master
  • Courses of PhD
  • Providing bachelor degrees in management science, accounting, and finance.
  • Executive short events for raising the executive development center.

These are some of the things which are received by the students studying in this business school. In providing all of these things, the dawood foundation provided amazing support by offering different educational endeavours. This is for the sake of providing Pakistani students to learn with the best quality of education. This is also to provide all modern ways of education to them. So that they can work along with the new innovations all the time.

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