Get to know Fastbase in Detail and Its Working Process


Every business organization worldwide wants to get hold of hottest and new leads before its competitors. It is the one of the major ways through which one can develop a business massively. However, not lead generating tools can offer best possible leads, which is why Fastbase has made a name for itself in this field.

Before starting to use it, it is essential for people to know about what this tool is all about and how it works to understand ways it can help your company. Have a look at these in detail below!

A brief introduction to Fastbase

This organization is a web analytics firm that provides users with excellent set of tools that allows users to have a better B2B marketing and sales support. This software helps in acquiring data such as the website visitors’ detailed information and displaying them for users’ benefit. Such data consists of comprehensive contact details and more that would make it beneficial for users to convert potential target to consumers.

It took a short period for this software to gain massive popularity due to its integration with Google Analytics. This tool comes with an ability of identifying every individual website visitor along with an insight into such traffics’ behavior as well as interests in an organization.

Fastbase’sWebLeads is perfect for incorporating a website’s analytics data with crucial real-time traffics’ info. Users of this software can hugely minimize guesswork about their website’s visitors, which eventually leads to a better final outcome.

This tool can be used for free as well as has premium versions too. For the ultimate results most companies globally uses either its Premium or Premium+ option to enjoy better results. However, if you are looking to understand the uses of this tool better, you can definitely start with the free version and gradually upgrade it according to convenience.

Working process of this tool

This software or tool is a Google Analytics add-on option. Users of Fastbase get to have detailed information about companies visiting the user’s website. It fetches a few particular data that is present in its dashboard.

This information provided by the tool involves all viewed pages, how visitors found user’s website, location of every visitor, direct contact details, and more. Through this people can approach potential customers in the correct way and increase conversion without much problem. Moreover, this software integrates with numerous CRMs for better usage.

With received data, a firm’s marketing and sales team will be able to efficiently convert potential clients into consumers with tailored approaches that would help in closing deals quickly. To know more about this tool, one will have to start using it as usage will offer an even better insight into this software.

To use it, all you need is to simply open an account using Google credentials. Once done, simply following the steps shown there would help one to set it up and start receiving leads and more without much hassle.

So, all there is left for you to do is visit the official website and simply opt for sign-in option!

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