Micro Influencer Becoming Celebrity


Celebrities can become influencers because of their massive fan following among the people. Many companies try to adverse their product from these celebrities. As there are a lot of people who will buy a product only because their favourite star is using that product. Selling products through this method is easily done through a social media platform. Now there is a new trend which is going on that how someone can become an influencer can earn a huge amount of money. There are different ways of influencing market which will be discussing in the article.

Upcoming influencer marketing

In brief influence marketing in which the company hires famous personalities or those who can market their products and services on their social media platforms. Benefits of these type of marketing:

  • It increases brand value and credibility of the company.
  • It helps to target that audience who can buy products and services.
  • More sales take place within minimum time.
  • It acts as a safeguard for other marketing channels.
  • It can help to target Gen Z and millennial.

So how companies or influencers gather information for influencer marketing. Influencer marketing Hub provides all information which is necessary for this marketing. It provides different tools and also solves queries.

Trending influencers

People who are becoming influencers or want to become influencers need to be famous on the social media platform. There number of their fans on the platform should at least in thousands. People trust them completely as if they suggest any product or brand to their fans. Ready to buy the product of that brand. Companies are investing a lot of money in influencers as they know the power of influencers.

There are different type of influencers depending upon the number of people who follow them on social media or how much they are affecting on people.

On bases of numbers of followers:

  • Less than 1,000 Followers

Nano influencers those are expert in a particular field but influencing small of group people.

  • 1,000- 10,0000 Followers:

These people are not any celebrity but with knowledge of a particular market. Micro influencer who influence mainly those people who are interested in a specific market. The level of engagement on social media and how they influence their followers is not less. But these influencers are becoming more popular in the youth on social media.

  • 40,000-1 Million Followers:

Macro influencers who are a lesser-known celebrity or other experts and easily available option for companies.

  • More than 1 million Followers:

Mega influencers are those who have already known by everyone and can influence a lot of people.

Before becoming an influencer a person should know the following things:

  • Firstly a person knows his or her niche market. Choosing a specific market in which a person has some interest is the best option.
  • Having great connectivity on social media platform or can he or she has the ability to create it in the future.
  • How far he or she can influence others with their content or with their popularity.

Effect of influencers

An influencer can have effected a person’s buying decision as many people blindly trust celebrities or experts. The company need to think carefully before hiring influencers and how their decision affects their sales

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