Why Should Companies Choose Android App Development


It is no secret that we are living in a mobile-first environment where the majority of customers have started to prefer mobile interactions over other online and offline interactions. As a company operating in this mobile-centric era, it is important for you to take advantage of all the mobile opportunities that are presented to you to make sure that you dominate your niche market. One such major opportunity is a mobile app, which provides immense benefits to companies operating in all domains as it not only makes it easy for them to reach out to their clients directly but also allows them to interact with their customers in the most convenient way.

While there are different types of mobile apps, most of them are hosted either in Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS, two of the leading mobile operating systems available in the market today. The fact that you have clicked on this article shows that you are most probably confused by which platform to use. In this article, we will show why Android app development is the perfect option to boost your company’s growth. The following are some of the major reasons why you need to choose Android apps

Superior Reach

It is not an exaggeration to say that Android has held a superior position in the mobile market over the years. With its user-friendly interface, Android devices are preferred by the majority of customers. Also, Google has put in a lot of effort to make sure that the apps uploaded in the Play Store have excellent reach and compatibility. So, Android apps are perfect if you are looking to grow your business by tapping into the millions of Android-powered devices out there.


The app development and maintenance resources for Android apps are all easy to use because it uses Java language. This makes it possible for Android developers to have a strong grip over the entire app creation process, and also offers your company complete control over the app’s resources and how they are stored. This level of control makes it the perfect platform for a company that wants to save money on app development.

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One of the main reasons that many companies choose Android over iOS is the fact that the mobile app development platform is compatible with almost every device out there. It means that any device that runs on Android will be able to run your Android app. This includes smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and smartwatches. This makes it possible for your app to reach more customers. This increased compatibility also helps you target niche market groups that exclusively use only certain devices.


Another important factor that helps Android edge past iOS is the increased ability to customise your app. Android is very flexible and comes with a plethora of tools that make it easy to add, remove or update features and design elements that you want your app to have. This gives your company the ability to completely personalise your mobile app to suit your branding. This can also help your company’s mobile app stand out from the crowd. This increased customisation also makes it easier to adapt your app to all kinds of devices as Android has a broader range of screen sizes.

Fast Deployment

When it comes to mobile app development, the time it takes for your app to reach the market can make or break your profit-making ability. Therefore, it is important to select a platform that allows you to deploy your app as soon as you finish developing it. The faster the process, the less time your app takes to reach the market. Android has built-in tools that make the app deployment process as smooth as possible. Thus, it becomes a perfect fit for business-related apps as they require quick turnaround and frequent changes to meet new market demands.

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High ROI

The main reason you, and your company, is developing an app is to increase your profits and get excellent returns on your investment. With Android, you will be able to achieve higher ROIs with increasing traffic to your app. In addition, the increased levels of customisation ensure that you will be able to create a completely unique app that is able to target a wider market than your competitors. Thus, by developing an Android app, you will be able to grow your business beyond your imagination.


Much like your business goals and vision, your mobile app’s vision will also not stay the same as your company grows. So, it is important to choose a platform that allows you to update and scale your app, easily. If your application requires frequent updates and high customisation, then Android is the right choice as it allows you to easily add new features and updates. In addition, you need not worry about making costly mistakes because Android empowers you to easily make the required changes.

Lower Costs

Android is an open-source platform and most of the tools and resources available are free. So, your company will not need to spend much money on creating your mobile application. In addition, because Android is open-source, mobile app developers will be able to develop a higher quality application, with a better user interface, at a fraction of the costs that it takes to develop an iOS app.

These seven points showcase why Android apps are dominating the current market environment and why you need to join the movement now to harness the power of the Android ecosystem. If you wish to partner with a mobile app developer that has excellent insights on creating Android Apps, you need to reach out to https://blurn.com/au/digital-marketing-services/ios-android-mobile-app-development/. Blurn.com is Australia’s leading digital agency that is well-versed in building successful mobile apps across both Android and iOS. Their expertise and experience in mobile app development will help you to achieve your business objectives and goals.

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