Things you must know about before Installing a modular Kitchen


People do not opt for traditional kitchen designs for their homes anymore. They have been replaced by modular kitchen designs. Opting for modular kitchen ideas proves to be more beneficial in numerous ways. One of the biggest benefits is the innumerable storage options a modular kitchen design provides so that keeping it clutter-free is easier. Common storage options include base cabinets, wall cabinets, pantry, etc. Further, modular kitchens are designed to manage space more efficiently. If you are opting for a modular kitchen, here are a few things you need to know:

01 of 07 Types of storage options

Before installing the modular kitchen, you have to decide on the type of storage you want. There are various options available that you can choose from like drawers, cabinets, pantry, etc. Depending on your needs and preferences, you must select the various storage options. You must always keep in mind that all the kitchen essentials should have a dedicated place and you can easily access them while preparing or cooking your meals. This will help to ensure that your modular kitchen always stays clutter-free. Also, always keep in mind that you need storage of different sizes and shapes so that you can store large items as well like large pans, woks, etc.

02 of 07 The material and the finish

Just like you need to put some thought into choosing the type of storage,  you need to take the material and finish into consideration as well. There are various options available in the market while choosing the material like stainless steel, wood, etc. Similarly, you get options while selecting the finish as well. Depending on your needs and preferences, you must choose the material and finish. Since the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms and receives a lot of traffic, always choose durable and easy-to-maintain options.

03 of 07 Modern kitchen appliances

One of the biggest advantages of the modular kitchen is how convenient it makes life. A modular kitchen provides space to install all the modern kitchen appliances like a dishwasher, oven, dish dryer, etc. These appliances help to save a lot of time and make your life easy. Also, a modular kitchen incorporated with all modern kitchen appliances appears very futuristic and is surely a conversation starter.

04 of 07 Do not forget the pantry

Many people ignore the importance of a pantry in the kitchen. A pantry is one of the kitchen essentials and should never be skipped. It helps to store your daily food items and cutlery in one place. You can turn one of your cabinets into a pantry as well to easily access the frequently used items while preparing and cooAking your meals.

05 of 07 The kitchen triangle is essential

While installing a modular kitchen, you must always keep the golden triangle rule in mind. According to the golden triangle rule, your cooking station, your sink, and the refrigerator should be at equal distances from each other forming a triangle at these three focal points. Experts have followed this rule while designing kitchens for decades. This helps to ensure that the design of the kitchen allows the smooth flow of traffic.

06 of 07 The electrical design of the kitchen

All appliances installed in a modular kitchen will require electrical points to operate. Hence, you have to plan the electrical design beforehand. Once you know where you will install all the kitchen appliances, you can plan the electrical points accordingly. Keep in mind the position of the electrical points while installing the cabinets and storage.

07 of 07 Pay attention to ventilation

Your modular kitchen idea must have ample ventilation. You do not want the smell of food and spices to spread everywhere in your house. Also, the smoke and grease make the walls and cabinets sticky and dirty. To avoid them, you require sufficient ventilation. One of the best solutions to make your kitchen ventilated is by installing a chimney. They are perfect to keep kitchens ventilated. Exhaust fans are a great alternative as well. However, installing just a chimney or an exhaust fan is not sufficient. Your kitchen design should have at least one large window as well.

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