5 Incredible Benefits of Placing Bokhara Rugs In Your Home!


There are many different types of Oriental rugs that homeowners all over America love dearly, but one of the most unique Oriental styles is the Bokhara rug. There’s so much to love about Bokhara Rugs that it can be difficult to narrow down all the benefits associated with this popular style, but we’ve teamed up with experts at Rug Source, Inc. to help us create this article oriented around how Bokhara rugs benefit home décor.

So below are five incredible benefits of placing Bokhara rugs in your home that you should know about!

Bokhara Rugs Provide Additional Comfort To Hardwood& Tiled Floors

If you have tiled or hardwood floors that are cold or uncomfortable on a daily basis, then you’ll love how a Bokhara rug will provide an added softness and comfort to these underfoot surfaces. Being able to walk barefoot throughout your home without freezing your feet is an incredible luxury, and Bokhara rugs do a wonderful job at providing comfort and protecting a home’s flooring from eventual fading.

So you can protect your home’s floors while simultaneously adding a ton of extra comfort with Bokhara rugs!

Providing Additional Warmth To Your Rooms

This is especially helpful during the cold winter months when floors get particularly cold. Bokhara rugs often have a high pile, which allows them to provide a significant amount of space between your feet and your floors, and this then leads to a ton of extra warmth throughout your entire home.

Your area rugs will actually be able to trap heat when the weather is cold outside, and this is because many Bokhara rugs are made of wool (which is very insulating). So when you’re looking to purchase an area rug that’ll help create a more warm and cozy home environment, you should definitely consider high-pile Bokhara rugs!

Bokhara Rugs Are Incredibly Durable

Another awesome benefit of owning Bokhara rugs is that they’re made of very thick materials, which subsequently makes them a lot more durable as compared to other popular types of area rugs. If you do your part to properly take care of a Bokhara rug, it’ll maintain its structural and aesthetic integrity for a very, very long time. Some Bokhara rugs are capable of lasting upwards of 100 years or more!

Bokhara rugs are so durable because they’re typically made from the strongest wool fibers found anywhere in the world. The weaving process is also incredibly intricate, which then makes the knot density incredibly high. So with the combination of strong materials and very high knot counts, Bokhara rugs are often considered to be some of the most durable rugs in the entire industry!

Bokhara Rugs Are Stain-Resistant

We all know just how tough it can be to get stains out of an area rug, which is why a lot of homeowners stray away from high-quality rugs out of fears of pets and children creating lasting stains.

But the good news about Bokhara rugs is that they are incredibly stain-resistant, and this is largely because they don’t absorb stains quite as easily as other rug styles.

As much as you’ll still need to be vigilant when it comes to cleaning up stains on Bokhara rugs, the stain-resistant features of Bokhara rugs make them incredibly desirable for countless households!

Bokhara Rugs Simply Are Stylish!

Another important benefit about Bokhara rugs is that they look great, and they’ll undoubtedly add some style points to your home’s décor. Bokhara rugs also don’t look quite as luxurious and lavish as other rug styles, so they provide a contemporary style that looks great in all homes.

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