5 Types of Glass That Allow in Light & Privacy


In modern home decor, the use of glass has increased exponentially. From contemporary bathroom designs to office cubicles,  glass is used for various purposes in both commercial and residential properties. However, people tend to prefer opting for privacy glass more than transparent glass. As the name suggests, privacy glass, also known as obscure glass, does not allow you to see through it clearly. It blocks the clear view and allows only light to pass through it. As a result, people can enjoy privacy without blocking the light. Also, people will be able to light up any type of interior design style  without investing a lot in lighting fixtures.

There are various privacy glass types in the market. Each variant has a different look and impact on the interior house design. If you want to install privacy glass in your home decor, you should be aware of these different variants. Mentioned below are some of the most popular choices you can consider:

01 of 05 Ground glass

You will find this privacy glass in many types of interior design styles. Manufacturers make them by grinding the surface of the glass. Grinding the surface breaks it into small fragments. This damaged surface is then made smooth by sanding. As a result, the glass produced has a matte texture and translucent appearance. This type of glass is perfect for people who require only a moderate amount of privacy. If you are looking for options for installing in your bedroom window, you might not find it appropriate. People will still be able to understand shapes, movements, and colours through it. Experts mainly use this type of privacy glass for smaller surfaces rather than larger surfaces like a bedroom window. Commonly, you will find them in block windows.

02 of 05 Frosted glass

If you are thinking about privacy glass, privacy glass is probably one of the first options that will come to your mind. There are two common methods used for making this type of glass; sandblasting and acid-etching. The process is performed only on one side of the glass so that pitted indentations can be created. As a result, the light scatters when passing through this surface and people cannot clearly see through it. Since manufacturers can create appealing designs on the glass surface while etching, these are popularly used in windows. You can find various designs on them like geometric lines, hatching, and even images of flowers or leaves. Moreover, the amount of distortion can be controlled as well while making frosted glass. Hence, you can find options that offer a lot of privacy to your interior house design and use them for larger panes.

03 of 05 Tinted glass

Tinted glass is not very commonly used in home decor. Instead, they are more popular in commercial properties. You can find them in many cars as well. Manufacturers colour the glass by adding metal oxides to it. People prefer using them for decoration. You can create appealing and colourful interiors with them. Moreover, they prove to be a more energy-efficient option as well. Since they control the heat and prevent UV rays from passing through, fewer cooling appliances are used. Hence, the energy consumption in the building reduces significantly. Besides being eco-friendly, you can save a lot of money by opting for them as well. If privacy is your primary concern, always go for dark colours.

04 of 05 One-way glass

It is quite clear from the name how a one-way glass functions. It works on the same principle as mirrors. The glass contains a thin metallic film that reflects light and prevents people from looking to the other side. However, it does not produce reflection like a mirror. Compared to a mirror, the metallic film found in a one-way glass is very thin. Hence, it can only reflect a certain amount of light and not all of it.

There is one issue that people face with this type of glass in interior house design. It mirrors the image only on the brighter side and people can see through the darker side. For instance, the glass will not allow people from the outside to see through it during the day as there is more light outside. Similarly, people sitting inside the room will not be able to see through it during the night if the outside is dark and the interiors are well-lit.

05 of 05 Smart glass

Technology is incorporated into almost everything these days. It has been incorporated into the glass as well for creating smart glass. The specialty of this glass is that it can get transparent and translucent depending on your needs. It comes with a switch that allows you to turn the glass transparent or translucent just at a flick. You can get another variant as well that changes automatically depending on heat and light levels. They have become immensely popular in commercial space as they not only provide privacy but help in saving energy as well.

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