8 Crucial Aspects to Consider for a Successful Rebranding of Your Business


If your business underwent a major shuffle in products and services being offered and brand messaging as well as looks need to match the same then rebranding will be the right option. Similarly, if it has been long time that branding was carried out for your business and it has now become necessary to modernize it so as to make it look professional and help you business better compete with its competitors then also rebranding will prove to be helpful. Likewise, rebranding will be required if customer base for your business has changed as commonly happens during acquisitions and mergers. Rebranding will also become necessary in situations where negative image has formed about your business and there is no option but to create a fresh brand image for your business.

However, you need to be aware of the fact that rebranding is a complex task, which not only involves logo update and change in web site messaging, but many other aspects. Our aim here will be to explore some of the important aspects you need to look into before carrying out rebranding for your business to ensure rebranding provides desired results.

Rebranding and 8 Crucial Aspects to Consider

Aspect #1: Focus on Core Message

You need to decide about the core message that your business will be delivering after rebranding. This way it will become easier to decide about brand colors, and messaging that is to be used to represent your rebranded business. Such analysis of your core message will make it easier to create a rebranding plan that matches your business goals.

Aspect #2: Pay Attention to Functionality

It is quite possible that there will be existing features and functionality that is working well for your business. For instance, you have received positive feedback about functionality on your web site. When you start working with a brand design agency, ensure that these important details are considered and if possible, retained when your business is rebranded.

Aspect #3: Analyze Future Value

When rebranding your business, consider the future. You will have to perceive how your business will grow in future and whether rebrading implemented today will be able to represent your business in future. You should share your future business plans with the branding agency so that they can carve out a rebranding strategy accordingly.

Aspect #4: Decide About the Timeline

Take into consideration the time it would take to complete the rebranding process. Will it be possible to print new business cards for everyone right now? Will it be more feasible to let the present business cards run out before new ones are printed? By when it would be possible to launch the rebranded site? Having clear information about these details will help you as well as your branding agency to plan things properly and achieve desired results with rebranding initiatives that are taken.

Aspect #5: Implement Publicity for the Rebrand

After the rebranding initiative completes, it will be necessary to inform customers about the change that has occurred. You can advertise this change by writing a blog that announces this change and a post can also be made in social media channels to spread the information. In case, rebranding will alter customer experience such as how customers login to the website or navigate the site, then you will have to inform them beforehand about the change. It will be important to highlight how rebranding will be helping your customers when they are interacting with your business.

Aspect #6: Carry Out Rebranding in Entirety

Your brand design agencyneeds to ensure that rebranding is carried out in entirety. For example, internal business material is not left with traces of old brand, such as the old logo. If such thing happens then it will make your business look disorganized and unprofessional. Thus, it will be important to update marketing materials across all verticals like:

  • Business cards, stationary, email signatures, folders, and letterheads.
  • Marketing signage.
  • Internal documents like applications contracts, forms, etc.
  • Powerpoint and Word templates.

Aspect #7: Get Valuable Insights

Before moving ahead with your rebranding plans, it will be essential to decide about people and entities that should be part of the rebranding process. Your branding agency, marketing department, product designers, customer service representatives, and thought leaders will certainly be part of the team that carries out rebranding for your business.

In addition, you should utilize insights provided by your customers to understand whether rebranding your business will be the right decision. Your brand design agencywill have to analyze the present aspects and features of your business that customers like. Insights provided by customers will help you determine if you are moving in the right direction and rebranding will be a success. Such pre-launch insights provided by customers will help you save time, money, and efforts on doing things that your customers actually do not want.

Aspect #8: Evaluate the Implications

You will have to closely monitor whether the rebranding has been successful or not. It is possible that many of the customers were too attached to the previous brand, which would result in some amount of backslash when rebranding is carried out. Your branding agency will have to ensure that the brand is not altered too much, which can prove to be counterproductive and may make the brand unrecognizable.

As we can see, rebranding is a complex task in which different aspects are to be looked into. By appointing a branding agencyto take charge of this activity you will have the assurance that all required steps will be taken to make rebranding successful. We are one of the leading branding agencies you can rely upon to carry out a successful rebranding initiative for your business. Call us or email us, and we will thoroughly analyze your business to device a rebranding strategy as per your business goals.

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