A Complete Guide To Start Selling On Amazon For Making Money


Did you know that 74% of Amazon sellers earn over $1,000 per month? Plus, 39% of sellers see over $10,000 in sales a month.

Selling on Amazon is an excellent opportunity for anyone to develop a sustainable passive profit stream.

However, a few things must be kept in mind while starting an Amazon business. If you don’t know what you are doing, you are likely to fail.

If you want to exactly learn how to get successful on Amazon, you have come to the right destination.

Design a Business Plan

To begin a business on Amazon, you need to create a plan to assure everything is on the right path. Your business plan should cover Business mission, products and services, market analysis, marketing and sales, and financial plan, etc.

Find a Niche

For selling on Amazon, you should find What should sell on Amazon since it matters a lot to your success. In order to make your business profitable, you must perform market research and find competitive products and relevant trends that align with your interests and passion.

Perform Market Research

After determining the niche, you must verify it onto the market with market research. Keep a track of the competitor sales over a time period. Tracking competitors will provide you with a more realistic picture of the market, niche, or segment.

Search for Product Suppliers

Now, you have to find a product supplier. Supplier info can be found by several ways. Alibaba and AliExpress. You will probably get some potential suppliers.

Register Amazon seller Account

If you still haven’t created the seller account – it’s time! there are two seller accounts on Amazon; Individual account and Professional Account. With the Professional account, you pay $39.99 a month whereas the Individual account is free. Although, You’ll pay $0.99 per item sold with the Individual account.

List Products

You must create product listings for adding your items to this platform. If you have a lot of items, uploading a spreadsheet containing each item is a suitable option for you. If you don’t have a lot of items, we prefer you to list them manually.

Follow up on the Customer Reviews

The other buyer’s reviews who have bought your item before are likely going to play an important role in if a new customer is going to buy your item or not. Obviously, these customers reviews are crucial for a business. It’s the credibility that you have built among the target customers.

Now, go ahead and make money selling on Amazon!

And how to do it? by following the above steps! Now, it is time for going ahead and making some profit.

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