All the details regarding Desert Safari Dubai


Major tourist attraction in Dubai:

A person who knows about different tourist attractions of the world must be aware of the fact that Desert safari Dubai comes at the very top of the list if we talk about tourist attractions. When a person gets to hear a lot of hype about the place so definitely he or she needs to get the reasons behind the hype. And for that, of course, you need to visit the place after visiting that place only you can get your answer not without it.Now, if you want the reason behind the hype and if you are planning to visit the Desert Safari so we are here to solve your problem of “Which tour operator to choose “kind of problem. We also provide with the details of each fun activity and you will able to easily get the deal of your choice on our site.Read more on Renault Used Cars

Okay so let’s start with Camel Ride in Dubai:

The most suitable and proper environment for a camel is a Desert. Camels are made for this place only. So if you are visiting a desert and camels are also there so why not one should go for a camel ride? It is a very calming activity there.

Next activity is Dune Bashing Dubai:

As Desert Safari Dubai is known for its huge red sand dunes. So a place which is famous for its sand dunes so why anyone will want to miss this opportunity of dune bashing on these beautiful sand dunes?

Another activity is Quad Biking

It is a ride on a four-wheel bike which is the most suitable bike ride in a desert. The maximum you can enjoy with a quad bike at this desert no other ride can give you this pleasure. So It is a must try!

Next one is the Overnight Camping by Renault Contract Hire

You can get an experience of sitting under the sky which is fully covered with the shiny stars that shine will be reflecting in your eyes. In this camp, camps are arranged and these camps are all lit up by lights. Fun fact about this camp is that a number of activities are performed in this camp as well.

Activities at overnight camping at Desert safari:

Henna Art:

Like henna art is done here. Your hands are decorated by a harmless procedure with henna by our henna art professionals present there.

Tanoura Dance:

The second one is the tanoura dance, you get to enjoy the Sufi dance here which is the specialty of this desert.

BBQ Dinner:

At the end of the camp, you will be served with a very tasty BBQ dinner. It is very tasty.


Among all the best and fun-filled activities, the last thing one can enjoy here is sunsets

When you will choose an evening desert safari deal so there you will be able to see the sunset. Sunsets in deserts are the best ones. Select our evening desert safari deal and get an amazing experience.

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