Benefits Of Exercising With Iron Hex Dumbbells


For all those with strength training-related goals, there are many options available to increase muscle mass volume and strength level. Possibilities can range from traditional weight machines, barbells or dumbbells, to a wide variety of specialized equipment. Some of this equipment is intended for maximum strength development, such as barbells, while weight training machines help increase definition to a greater extent. The use of medicine balls and dumbbells is helpful for explicitly working various muscles in your body.

Iron hex dumbbells can generate two types of overloads that produce muscle growth: Mechanical and Metabolic.

  • Mechanical overload is the result of damage caused by muscle contractions, which stimulates the repair process and increases muscle size.
  • Metabolic overload occurs when a muscle has been worked to the point of fatigue. This will cause an adaptation of the muscle cells, making them capable of storing a more significant amount of glycogen so that the muscles will increase in size. Performing exercises with dumbbells of moderate weight and a large number of repetitions can cause metabolic overload.

Dumbbells are commonly used to perform exercises focused on specific muscles; examples of this type of exercise are the chest press or biceps curl. Training with weights or dumbbells exercising the whole body can lead to variations in strength depending on the activities performed.

Iron hex dumbbells are training equipment that has at both ends a head with six sides, the main feature of a hexagon, attached to a bar that forms the dumbbell. Their main advantage is that when placed on the floor or stored, they do not roll, allowing more excellent safety for the trainer. They are very versatile and can be used from home.

They are made of cast iron and have different coating materials that mark their quality and durability. They can be purchased in pairs or individually.

A 10 kg hex dumbbell weighs the same as a 10 kg round dumbbell, so it may seem that the dumbbell’s shape is not essential for your workout. However, there are some crucial differences between iron hex dumbbells and round ones worth knowing before investing in them.

Hex dumbbells’ don’t roll; if your floor is even slightly uneven (as many floors are), rolling can be a big hassle. Iron hex dumbbells can also be a hazard, especially when heavy things roll over your feet; on the other hand, the fact that hex dumbbells don’t roll is vital if you want to do specific floor exercises, such as dumbbells push-ups.

Another difference between hex dumbbells and round dumbbells is that you won’t get as many options; for example, most hex dumbbells are only available with contoured handles, plus they’re not rubberized. If you’re going to buy them, it’s worth looking for rubber ones, as these won’t damage your floor or strip their paint. The pros:

  • Generally cheaper.
  • They don’t roll.
  • It can be used for floor exercises such as dumbbell push-ups.
  • They are ideal for circuit training or WODs, as you can throw them on the floor without hurting anyone.
  • They offer no distraction to others, so everything is synchronized.
  • They are easier to store

The material of the dumbbells is essential. Vinyl or neoprene are preferred covers because of their durability and high user satisfaction.

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