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Having the motorcycle insured is important to fulfil the legal compliances and protect it from any damages or financial burden on the motorcycle in the pocket of the bike insurer. And selecting the best two-wheeler insurance from the multiple options and plans makes it daunting. However, it becomes simpler with the internet, buying bike insurance policies online step by step and doing a bit of research along with that.

Thus, in this article, we will learn how to choose the best bike insurance online.

Steps To Consider Before Choosing The Online Two-Wheeler Policy

1. Assess your needs.

The first step before choosing or purchasing bike insurance online is to evaluate your needs and the coverage you need. When assessing your coverage requirements, consider factors like your motorcycle’s age, its value, and your financial situation. According to the law, it is necessary to have third-party bike insurance, but it only provides coverage against liability that arises regarding third-party life or property. But you also have the option of getting coverage against your own damages. So it will be beneficial to have comprehensive insurance coverage, which combines both first and third-party coverage and gives you extensive protection from all unforeseen events.

2. Compare the different plans online.

When you have done assessing your needs, you can research the different plans according to your needs and budget. After selecting the suitable plans, you can compare them based on coverage, premium, add-on benefits, and customer reviews with the online tool, i.e., the bike insurance calculator, which gives you the estimated cost of every plan. So you can choose the plan that gives you the most benefits in your budget.

3. Check for add-on benefits.

According to the unique needs of the insurer, they can choose from various add-on benefits available to enhance your coverage, such as engine protection cover, roadside assistance, zero depreciation cover, personal accident cover, or more. Thus, you have to check them out to get most of your bike insurance policy. You should also check any exclusions and limitations in the add-on benefits you select before choosing them, as you will have to pay some additional premium on those.

4. Look for discounts.

Many insurance companies provide discounts to individuals with a good driving record or fall in some other criteria that make you eligible for a discount on the premium. Thus look for them to save money without compromising on any coverage.

5. Read the policy document carefully.

Before purchasing a policy, make sure that you read it carefully, as it contains all the details, such as coverage, premium, add-on benefits, and terms and conditions, that help you understand the policy in depth.

6. Make the payment securely.

If you are satisfied with your plan after reading and understanding it, you can securely make payment by any of the suitable methods, such as debit card, credit card, UPI, net banking, or more. To show that you use a secure payment gateway to make payments.

7. Renew your policy on time.

Once you purchase your bike insurance policy, renewing it on time is necessary. It helps you get continuous coverage and saves you from legal hassles. And with the help of an online website, it will be easy to renew your policy from the comfort of your home before the expiry date, which also saves you from having your policy lapse.

What Are The Benefits of Buying An Online Two-Wheeler Insurance?

Some of the benefits of buying bike insurance online are:

  1. Save Time: When you buy two-wheeler insurance policies online, you don’t have to go to the insurance company’s office or meet any agent. As well as you can save a lot of time and effort by not doing the paperwork for buying insurance
  2. Cost-effectiveness: With the help of a bike insurance calculator, you can compare the different plans, which helps you save money without compromising coverage. Further, you don’t need to pay transportation expenses or agent fees, which will make buying two-wheeler insurance online cost-effective for the buyer’s pocket.
  3. Convenience: Another advantage that online insurance purchasing provides is convenience. As one can buy insurance online from anywhere at any time, One doesn’t have to see whether the office is open or closed or how far it is from your home.
  4. Comparison: On the online platform, you will also have the option of comparing the different plans based on premiums, coverage, deductibles, and any other features or benefits that each policy has. It helps you choose the best policy that fulfils all your needs and fits into your budget.
  5. Discounts and add-on benefits: While purchasing bike insurance online, you can also check for discounts and add-on benefits to tailor your policy to your unique needs.
  6. Renewal: The online renewal process makes the insurance policy simpler and easier. You can opt for the automatic renewal option, or you can do it manually by reviewing your previous work insurance and having it renewed according to your current needs.


Having learned how to select the best insurance policy is important, and with this, you also have to ensure that you have the proper coverage or the right policy to save your pocket from financial headaches. And for extensive coverage, you should go with the comprehensive bike insurance policy, which gives you the flexibility to customise too. Furthermore, you should purchase your policy from reputable companies such as Tata AIG to ensure that you are getting the right and reliable plan for yourself.

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