Custom vs. Template Websites: What’s Best for Your Columbus Business?


There are two types of websites that you can choose for your website. These are the custom and the template websites. While both options are suitable for your business, they do not offer the same benefits. The option you choose will depend on the size of your business. Custom websites have a long list of premium features that a template website may not have. Then again, a template website is usually the right solution for entry-level businesses with limited budgets. Depending on your business needs, a web development Columbus company can develop the right website for your business. This post contrasts between custom and template websites for businesses.

1. Budget 

When it comes to a business website, you should consider a generous budget. Web design companies Columbus Ohio can build the right website for your business. But this has to do with your budget. If you want a custom website, then you will have to spend a lot of money. Many businesses in Column have custom websites. But they probably paid a lot of money for it. If your budget is quite low, you may choose a template website. This type of website comes with design templates. A website design Columbus Ohio company can help you get a template website.

2. Time

What time do you have to design the website? If you need a custom website for your Columbus business, it can take a lot of time to build. A website development Columbus Ohio company needs time to build your website. You can give your custom website between 2 and 4 months to complete. However, the total development time depends on the nature of the website. More features mean that it can take a longer time to build. It takes a team of experts to build a custom website. If you want to quickly launch your online business, you should use a template website. This option is best if you do not have the time to wait for a custom website. It is usually recommended for businesses that need to go live as soon as possible.

3. Brand 

Branding plays a major factor in helping you choose between custom and template websites. If you deeply care about your brand positioning, then you need a custom website. This is because they allow you to easily personalize a lot of features to make your business more attractive. A template website simply lacks these custom features. This option means that you may not be able to differentiate your brand. One thing about a template website is that it does not distinguish your brand. This is because you may decide to choose a similar template with another online business. A custom website gives you the right canvas to express the power of your brand. A web development Columbus Ohio company can choose the right website option to cater to your branding goals.

4. Functionality

A template website may be good for your Columbus business. But it has limited functionality. As a start, all websites do not come with a fully responsive feature. This means that they may not function properly with mobile devices. If your business website does not function properly with mobile devices, this is a red flag. About 67% of online browsers access the internet with mobile devices. If you have an e-commerce business in Columbus, you should choose a custom website. This is because they have all the necessary back-end support for full functionality. One example of this is that custom websites allow you to control user experiences. This is very important to offer your visitors what they want. Control over user experiences is not available with a template website.

5. Scalability and flexibility

A template website is a generic platform for your online business. Any website development company in Ohio can do this for you. Template websites usually come with features that you may not need. While it may work pretty well, it will not support your long-term business goals. It is not flexible and may not support plans to scale up your business. You can choose a custom website if you want the flexibility to scale up later. This website design option can be built according to your budget and business requirements. A website development Ohio company can design your custom website according to your needs. It is fully customizable and can accommodate all your current business needs. Then again, custom websites also have provisions for future business growth. This means that they can easily be scaled up as your business operations expand.

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