Five Best Features in Vacuum Cleaners You Never Knew Existed


Vacuum cleaners have given a modern makeover to the labor-intensive task of cleaning homes. These gadgets, equipped with innovative features and technology like dual cleaning and spot cleaning, have revolutionized the way we maintain our living spaces. So, let’s uncover five remarkable features of vacuum cleaners that might just surprise you!

The five best features you never knew existed

Cyclonic technology

Vacuum cleaners with cyclonic technology use centrifugal force to extract dust and debris. When it comes to continuous, efficient vacuuming without losing suction power, cyclonic technology is revolutionary. It effectively separates particles, places them in a collection bin, and guarantees the best possible cleaning results by generating cyclonic airflow.

The Forbes Cordless ZeroBend Z15 Vacuum Cleaner incorporates cyclonic technology, effectively isolating fine dust from the air and simplifying deep cleaning in every nook and cranny. Its efficiency extends across various surfaces, including wood, tiles, and carpets, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

Smart Voice control

Some vacuum cleaners have a smart voice control feature that allows you to handle the vacuum cleaner with voice commands. Simply vocalize your cleaning desires. It makes life slightly more convenient and futuristic, akin to having your own tech-savvy personal assistant for daily cleaning.

Meet the Forbes Robotic LVac Voice Pro Vacuum Cleaner, an intelligent, fully automated vacuum cleaner that cleans your home with the utmost efficiency and minimal interference. With the use of 3D laser navigation and intelligent voice command, it maps your home intelligently and uses voice command to easily clean a variety of surfaces, including marble, floors, tiles, and carpets.

Dual cleaning technology

The seamless integration of wet and dry cleaning capabilities in dual cleaning technology raises the bar for versatility. Regardless of the mess, this unique feature guarantees that your vacuum cleaner can handle both dry debris and liquid spills, making it a comprehensive solution for flawless and spotless cleaning.

The Euroclean Mop N Vac Vacuum Cleaner is what we are talking about; it simplifies your cleaning routine by spraying, mopping, and vacuuming floors, tiles, and carpets in a single, effortless step. Featuring a twin tank system to keep disinfectant separate from dirty water, it operates at 3000 rpm to effectively eliminate even the most stubborn dirt and deep-seated dust mites.

Suction and blower capabilities

Some vacuum cleaners boast both suction and blower capabilities, making it a versatile cleaning powerhouse. Whether you need to pull in debris with strong suction or blow away dust from hard-to-reach corners, this dual-functionality vacuum cleaner has you covered for a comprehensive cleaning experience.

Bagless design

Some vacuums have internal dust storage to facilitate continuous cleaning. Emptying the dust bag and reusing it makes it simple to get rid of dust. For those without a dust bag, a dust tank eliminates the need for direct contact with dust, allowing easy emptying with just the press of a button.

With cyclonic technology and a robust 1900W output, the Maxxvac Vacuum Cleaner excels as a powerful suction and blower, effortlessly tackling hard-to-reach areas. Its bagless design ensures easy and clean dust disposal; simply press a button to empty the dirt tank, keeping your hands free from dirt and debris.

If you are planning to buy a vacuum cleaner, opt for Eureka Forbes. They offer a wide selection of the best vacuum cleaners to suit different needs. These vacuum cleaners have a powerful suction power that tackles dust, dirt, and debris from wooden floors, marble, tiles, and carpets with ease, making them perfect for everyday cleaning.

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