How to get multiple TV DTH connections at affordable prices


It sounds amazing to have multiple TV DTH connections and access to non-stop entertainment without paying anything extra. One doesn’t need to get a new connection or an expensive plan to watch their favourite content on different TV set top boxes.

But, if you’re still confused about how you can get multiple TV DTH connections that too at an inexpensive cost, we have a complete guide for you.

In order to get multiple TV DTH connections, you should consider buying any of the below mentioned items:

Airtel Multi TV Connection

Airtel allows its DTH subscribers to add other DTH connections and enjoy multiple TV DTH connections at a budget-friendly plan. Let’s have a look at some benefits of buying the Airtel multi-TV connection plan to understand better. This plan allows you to have four set-top boxes, including a primary set top box.
  • You also don’t need to get different dish setups, as a common dish will work to have multiple television connections.
  • With the Airtel multi-TV connection plan, you can watch different programmes on different television sets.
  • The company offers you free installations.
  • You get access to various entertaining programmes through affordable Airtel DTH recharge plans.
  • The company provides you with 24×7 customer service and support.

Most importantly, Airtel keeps providing discounts for its users, which means you can get the plan at a nominal cost.

Dish TV Multi TV connection

The connection gives you access to over 500 channels, out of which nearly 50 are HD channels. However, you will not receive a dish antenna while opting for this multi-connection. Also, with one connection, you get access to three multi connections.

Let’s count some benefits of getting this plan-

  • The company provides you an affordable plan with no hidden cost.
  • This plan comes with free installation.
  • The company also offers free on-site service.

Tata Sky Multi TV Connection

The Tata Sky multi TVconnection plan gives you an option to add up to three additional connections with the primary set-top box. It allows you and your family to enjoy your favourite content on separate television sets. The benefits of choosing this plan are-

  • You get to watch content on different television sets.
  • You can make your own plan and pay for only those channels that you watch.
  • The Tata sky plan allows you to pause and resume content as per your schedule.
  • The company provides you with 24×7 customer service and support.

How to choose the best plan? 

To get the best entertainment, you must choose the best option. There’s no hard and fast rule to do that, you just need to look for some specific things as per your requirements. If you have a big family that loves to consume different types of content, look for an option that offers at least four multi-connections. In order to avoid additional costs, you should choose a company that provides free installation with 24×7 customer service. Also, if you’re a fan of HD channels, it is better to choose accordingly.

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