How Video Games Help With Social Skills


We often hear parents say they wish their kids did not play as many video games as they do. Parents can be heard telling their children it is better to be around their friends than to be stuck inside playing games. After all, if their children are not going to do this, how will they ever learn social skills and make friends?

To many parents that grew up with outdoor games and board games, it appears to be a waste of time for kids. What are they really getting out of playing a game anyways? Well, truth be told, your child can make many connections when they are utilizing a headset when they are playing video games.

A headset allows people to talk to others while playing whichever game they have picked. Many compare this to talking on the phone. While their friends may not be physically there with them, using a headset is similar to talking on a phone with friends.

Several years ago, in 2006, two people looked at the above scenario. Over the course of the study, they viewed more than 5,800 messages dispatched during an online multi-player video game session.  They studied if these communications were social-emotional skills or work-directed. Social-emotional texts can be defined as helping link with each other, texting things like “Thanks for your assistance,” “Yep, I concur,” or “LOL, that was humorous.” Work-directed communications will concentrate on the video game, such as “Where did you find the gem at?” or “Where should I look for the taxi at?.”

Researchers realized that there were over 3.2 timesas many social-emotional communications as work-directed messages. Moreover, these feeling-established dispatches were over 2.6 times more probable to be optimistic rather than adverse.

Therefore, this study found that,as opposed to parents’ apprehensions, a massive preponderance of the communication kids sent while partaking in video games was utilized to socialize with people in an optimistic fashion.

For youngsters, it may be irritating to have their caretakers urge them to communicate with people when, from their viewpoint, they have been doing so. Despite the fact that the approachof talking is not the same, as it is done playing the game and not by traditional methods, such as calling, the correspondence deliveredand links produced are similar.

Research has proved that video games provide a safe place for many youngsters. They are great for those that suffer from anxiety and depression, as well as those who are extremely shy. Those who are on the autism spectrum have also seen great results from playing games. Even those that are insecure can find that these games can help them.

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