If You Want Your Business To Perform Better, The Key Is In Recruitment


For business people, attracting the best candidates to the vacancies they offer and incorporating them into their organization are fundamental issues for the company’s strategic planning and vision of growth.

Some say that the vast majority of the problems an organization has are derived from poor personnel selection and from not effectively defining the personal or technical competencies of the candidates being sought, which is why new hires fail.

Suppose the recruitment is not carried out correctly. In that case, the opportunity to hire a person with great potential and talent for the required position can be wasted, or worse, hiring someone with a negative influence that can affect the work environment and thus the organization’s success. The cost of a bad hire can amount to twice a person’s annual salary plus benefits.

The selection of personnel is crucial to create a competitive team and contribute value to the company. Therefore, it must be an essential pillar within any business strategy. It is necessary to know the position well and, from there, to define the required competencies for a good performance. Once they have been described, they must be detected in the selection interview.

A good recruitment process, whether physical or through a recruitment software platform, must consider that both the emotional component and intelligence are essential for success in the job position; if the personnel is selected without taking into account the competencies necessary to fill the part of the company’s values, it is almost sure that problems of adaptation and integration will arise.

Recruitment is a process by which an organization brings in the right people to fill the various positions. This process has four stages:

  1. Job needs analysis (analysis and evaluation of posts).
  2. Recruitment (internal and external);
  3. Selection; and
  4. incorporation into the organization.

The company’s human resources department is in charge of this process, for which it must take on the challenge of selecting candidates who meet the characteristics required by the position.

The process begins with the analysis of the position that needs to be filled, either recently created or to maintain its operation; then the search for candidates within or outside the organization is carried out; then the candidate who meets the characteristics required by the position is selected, and finally, the person chosen receives an induction to the work and the company.

Recruitment and selection of personnel must be included in strategic planning because having personnel suitable for the operation is crucial due to the need to have the proper human capital to make the company a competitive organization.

As can be seen, competitiveness and productivity is not only a matter of machines and infrastructure; to achieve it, the most important thing is to have the proper personnel. For this reason, the human resources areas of companies are becoming more and more important within organizations.

Any selection process requires the necessary time to find the most suitable candidate and previous work of defining jobs and defining the professional profiles of the workers you need for your organization.

It is necessary to leave aside that traditional vision according to which the recruitment and selection processes are punctual or bureaucratic acts within the organization, to integrate this process as a fundamental part of the life and growth of the company, fortunately, now you can make use of tools such as a recruitment software platform to attract the suitable candidates.

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