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With so many options for Chrome Extension for Amazon, we are diving into the top Chrome extensions that every Amazon seller should have. According to a notable web browser specialist, Amazon’s Assistant browser extension can follow everything you do on the web and even change the content of non-Amazon web pages shown in your browser.

List of various chrome extensions

1. The Camelizer

The Camelizer is another excellent plugin for online sellers who do not use an Amazon repricing service. It allows you to set up email and Twitter pricing alerts to be notified immediately when your competitors’ prices change and view historical pricing data for over 18 million products, making it the ideal tool for any new or expanding Amazon seller.

2. AMZ Base

AMZ Base is an essential tool since product research should never be limited to Amazon alone. This Chrome extension allows users to instantly compare Amazon listing information to other online marketplaces, such as eBay. ASIN number display, product source information, and an FBA calculator are among the other features of AMZ Base.

3. DS Amazon Quick View

The free DS Amazon Instant View add on gives you quick access to its pricing history, BSR, ASIN, search ranking, and several FBA sellers by holding your cursor over a product’s listing. Upgrade to the expanded version for more detailed product information across Amazon’s domains, such as the lowest FBA price, Prime sellers, Amazon items, and pricing history.

4. Amaze Owl

Amaze Owl is the last Amazon Seller Chrome add on on our list. Amaze Owl allows you to conduct powerful product research for your FBA business without ever leaving Amazon. To generate a list of potential products in the corner of your screen, navigate through any Amazon keyword, category, or specialty. Amaze Owl is also highly user-friendly, with color-coding that is simple to grasp, hover information, and has one-click capabilities. Click the “Market Analysis” option to build a table with data that matches your product criteria for more extensive knowledge. Amaze Owl is compatible with 11 Amazon markets, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Which Chrome add on should you install?

Numerous beneficial Amazon seller Chrome extensions are available for organizations of all sizes and budgets. To pick the ideal extension for your needs, try out a few keywords, product research, and price alert extensions. If you haven’t yet boarded the Chrome extensions train, you’re in luck: there is still one seat available. These will assist you with everything from product tracking and history to Amazon keyword research and competitive analysis.

With accurate and efficient real-time Amazon data tracking, you can make smarter decisions and establish expert strategies as you browse. Use reliable Amazon seller software to keep track of competitor products and do in-depth Amazon product research, keyword research, etc. To evaluate your product category, get fast product insights. Analyze product demand and sales potential. Examine the quality of your product listings and receive suggestions about improving them. The total number of vendors for each product should be used to judge the buy box competition.

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