Looking for the Best Flight Booking Offers? 5 Sure-shot Tips That Can Help


If you are a frequent traveller, be it for leisure or for business purposes, airfares are sure to take up a chunk of your travel budget. While looking for the cheapest flight can be a bit tiresome or time- consuming, certain tricks can help you. Mentioned in this post are some tips and tricks that can get you some of the best flight rates without much hassle.

Airfares can have a significant impact on your travel budgets. While you may be scouting through multiple airline sites to find the cheapest flight to your destination, you may still not get the best airfare. Although comparing and buying can surely help, you also need to know a few tricks and tips to get the best deal. Let’s look at some valuable tips that can help you reduce the money on airfare.

  1. Plan Ahead and Have Flexible Dates: Plan your trip well in advance and try to book your ticket at least 30 days earlier. Also, try to have flexible dates instead of getting fixated on one and be ready to take flights at odd hours (like at night). This is one of the best ways to get the most discounted fares. Most flight booking websites let you choose the ± 3day option to show you airfares of 3 days before and after your chosen date.
  2. Use Incognito Mode When Searching for the Rates: Flight booking websites record your server details and cookies every time you visit their website. While they use this data to improve the visitors’ experience, they can also use it to understand the demand for a particular date/time of travel and may raise the fares based on the same. Try to use private/incognito browsing mode to prevent these sites from accessing your cookies or make sure you clear your cookies and browsing data regularly.
  3. Don’t Book on Weekends: Airfares rise during the weekends, especially on Friday nights and Monday mornings. This is due to the rush of people returning home from their job for the weekend on Friday and flying out for the same on Monday. Try to book tickets on Wednesdays or Thursdays to get the best deals on flight booking.
  4. Book Multiple Stop Flights: While direct flights are surely convenient, they are also more expensive than the multiple stop flights. If you are desperate to get the best deal on your flight tickets and don’t mind multiple layovers in your journey, you can opt for these multiple-stop flights to bring best family friendly attractions in spain down your travel cost. However, if it is an international trip, you may need a visa for the country you are stopping at which can increase your cost.
  5. Use/Earn Air Miles: If you are a frequent flyer, collecting air miles on your air tickets is a smart way to reduce your travel costs. You can later use these miles to redeem various benefits apart from booking flight tickets. Moreover, as you rise up in the program, you are also entitled to benefits such as access to VIP lounges, complimentary meals or discounts on hotel bookings. Once you have enough miles, you can visit the program website to find the best flight booking offers.

Air travel can be an expensive affair. However, being prudent is all it takes to get the best deal on your flight booking. Use these tips next time when you are comparing air fares and making your travel plans.

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