Switch to Green Housing, the new future of India.


Our environment and its resources have been degrading over the years, and it is no news to us. This is because of the extreme usage and wasting of environmental resources, and it has paved the way for eco-friendly houses. Our ecosystem has become compromised due to the adverse effects of environmental degradation, and thus, people are switching to Green Housing from conventional housing. These houses are eco-houses, designed, built and occupied to have a less environmental impact than conventional homes. The reason for promoting green housing is – sustainability. They are crucial sites of innovation in affordable housing provision and climate change adoption along with environmental sustainability.The best part is that there is low home loan interest rate which makes it a very attractive option. However, if you’re still sceptical, here are more than a few reasons to switch to green housing : 

Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

The emission of greenhouse gases is the primary reason for global warming. Conventional housing structures contribute to a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions. However, by building green, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced to a considerable extent, which will help rebuild the ozone layer.

Air Tight and Thermally Comfortable Housing

Due to well-planned and deft design considerations, greenhouses can maintain better air quality and uniform temperatures throughout. This air leakage can also be minimized through green construction techniques, thus lowering costs across the board.

Affordable and lower Operating Cost

Green housing comes with in-built energy-saving features. They are equipped with higher levels of insulation, reduced air leakage, high-performance windows, energy-efficient lighting, passive solar, thermal mass, daylighting, integration of renewable energy and other techniques.

Extended Durability

Since these structures are made utilizing regular and raw natural materials, and more consideration is taken into assembling them, they last longer than their counterparts.

Reduced Water Usage 

Green homes utilize water-efficient fixtures and apply different methodologies. At the point when consumable or potable water is squandered, all the energy that goes into handling and conveyance to your house is being squandered. The decrease in steaming hot water use likewise saves the energy needed to boil it.

Reduced External Noise and better Daylight 

Green homes have more significant thermal protection levels and better quality windows, which assist with considerably reducing external noise. Additionally, windows in green homes are deliberately measured and set to give tenants an association between indoor spaces and outside with improved sunlight and view.

Lesser Material Usage

With advanced construction techniques and optimized use of material, green housing reduces job site waste and diverts debris from landfills.

Higher Resale Value

The value of green homes will become higher every time energy cost increases. Reduction of utility costs will eventually translate to higher market value.

Despite the above-mentioned advantages of Green Housing, one of the major concerns bothering people is the myth that green housing will cost more money than conventional housing. Well, that’s not true. While some costs may exceed while constructing greenhouses, it is all worth it when you have the opportunity to save on your environmental resources, improve your health by providing great indoor air quality and proper ventilation, promote sustainability, enjoy better daylight and views all within the walls of your own home. Moreover, you will gain out of it in the long run, and due to sustainable development, Green Housing is likely to become the future of real estate.

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