5 Practical Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution


Noise pollution refers to any sound that causes discomfort to the ears. It is measured in decibel (dB). Any sound above 100 dB can cause hearing loss. That is why it is important for manufacturing companies with heavy machinery to focus more on reducing noise pollution.

You can check this website for more information on how to reduce noise pollution in a factory. Here are some proven ways you can reduce noise pollution at home or office.

  1. Put on earplugs

If you’re working in a noisy factory, the best you can do is put on some earplugs to protect your ears. In most cases, those working in noise-prone places are provided protective gear to ensure they are safe from the noise and other forms of pollution.

If you want to reduce the amount of noise reaching your eardrum, you can wear earplugs when you’re sleeping or working in a busy factory.

  1. Insulation measures

Taking some insulation measures is one practical way to curb noise pollution at home and office. Insulation is a way of soundproofing your office or home to prevent sound waves from getting inside.

To insulate your home or office, you have to get some soundproofing materials and install them on the wall, ceiling, and floor. At home, you can use weather-stripping and double-pane windows to help absorb noise.

  1. Plant trees

Trees not only reduce air pollution by absorbing harmful gases but also help in reducing noise pollution in an urban setting. When you plant trees around major highways and homes, you can reduce sound pollution.

When you have more plants and trees in an area, there will be no noise pollution. Trees also improve air quality by removing harmful gases in the air.

  1. Educate your staff

If you work in a company with noise pollution, you must educate your staff on the dangers of noise pollution. Besides taking other measures like providing your workers with protective gear, you should also train them to limit noise at work. Ideally, if everyone is made aware of the risk of noise pollution, they will invest in reducing it.

  1. Declare noise-free zone

It’s time you erect the ‘no horning’ banners in your office parking and business premises. Horns from cars, trucks, buses, and cars cause a significant degree of noise pollution. By introducing the no-horning zone policy, you can reduce noise pollution in schools, residential areas, and hospitals.

Final Thoughts

Noise pollution can cause discomfort to the ear and even result in permanent hearing loss. If you want to reduce the effect of noise pollution in your company, you should invest in some of the measures we have highlighted here.

When sound becomes mayhem in your company, there is a lot you can do to limit it. Ensure all your workers have protective gear, educate them on the risk of noise pollution, and declare your premise noise-free. Visit our website for more on noise reduction and upending tool.

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