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Nowadays, many people agree that Telugu produces one of the best films, which is famous not only in India but all over the world. Telugu has a lot of fans with movies. Before the Telugu Film Industry came this far, many new viewers have gained it along the way. Telugu has developed film production. As we know it, all genres of movies are released in the language of Telugu, and so far, none of them has received lousy feedback, from silent films to the recent. When a movie of this genre is made, it is necessary to understand all the details, and I want to say that Telegu does it best proudly.

The Telugu company releases films that are distinctive and have an exciting story. At the same time, it is fun, and you probably agree that such a story is an essential thing in movies. All of this is complemented by high-quality graphics and sound quality, which ultimately is the basis for creating an ideal film. Telugu does all this because they know the price of their audience.

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They know what they like, which is why the Telugu film industry is growing every year. So if you haven’t seen their masterpieces yet, be sure to postpone all the work and start watching their movies with your other half or family. Trust me, you will enjoy it thoroughly, and now I want to introduce you to 2 popular films released in the Telugu language.

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Hello Guru Prema Kosame:

Hello, Guru Prema Kosame is another masterpiece released in 2018 in the language of Telugu, which soon earned the love of the people. The film tells the story of a young middle school student in Sanju (Ram). She arrives from her hometown of Kakinada to work in the beautiful city of Hyderabad. He will have to live in the house of VishwanathPrakash Ra, who is his father’s best friend. It was while living in this house he fell in love with Vishwanath’s daughter Anupama, but it all starts after Vishwanath finds out about it. And what will happen next, you can see all this in this fantastic movie available on all platforms.

Hey Pillagada:

Hey, Pillagada is another masterpiece in the language of Telugu that has gained worldwide recognition and soon conquered the hearts of the people because of its fantastic history. The film tells the story of Siddharth (DulquerSalmaan), who is a furious person, which is why he often becomes a participant in conflicts and quarrels. Not only with strangers but also with family, he sometimes abuses his child. During one of his trips, he has a severe confrontation with his wife Anjali (SaiPallavi), which makes him furious and separates him for a while. After that, the turning point of the film begins. What does Siddharth do after that? Don’t miss out and watch this fantastic movie that will not leave you unhappy and make you fall in love with Telugu.

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