What is a smart TV? Explain its function


Smart television is grounded on an operating system or any other platform that permits the accessibility to watch network-based online shows without connected it through an additional box. It used the same source of internet for accessing online shows, what you connect to your PCs. You can use a broadband connection, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi for connection. Ethernet is best in the situation when your TV is near to the device. In the case of long-distance between router and TV, WI-FI is a better option. You can buy smart television from the market as well as online also. Several websites that sell electronic items generally have a good collection of smart TV with variant sizes. We have a good option to buy televisions online at The Good Guys website who gives many offers to their customers. Once your smart TV gets connected to the network it will ask you to enter login information. You will find a menu on display that will show you a number of available internet channels in a kind of app similar to your smartphone. Smart TV allows us to download more add in-app library. Whenever you tap for any particular channel it will start on your TV.


In the past time, people were using the regular TV that receives the signal from antenna, cable, or any other sources. It was quite complicated and has limited features that’s why people say it dumb TVs. Smart TVs are more similar to smart phones or other smart devices.

Benefits of Smart TVs

In today’s era, television is not limited only to small entertainment now it has gone much further than that. You have an unlimited option to watch on TV of your choice. Apart from TV channel, you can watch any program of your choice through an internet connection. A smart TV has many benefits:

  1. It provides so much convenience to the viewer that he can watch anything in a single place. You can watch any program anytime at your home with comfort.
  2. Smart TV has a recording feature. Whenever you miss your favourite program, record it, and watch it according to your convenience.
  3. The handling of Smart TV is as easy as we handle our smartphones. The process of its installation is simple. You need to require only a plug into the wall and connect it through a network.
  4. The smart TV is so much reliable or we can say it is overall the best product in your home’s electronic items.
  5. They are ideal from an entertainment point of view. You can buy this television at affordable prices. It takes entertainment to another level at your home.

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